“Plain English PC Support for Non-Geeks”

GMan the PC Man charges out at the following rates:-

Value for money!

Onsite Services:

  • $90 per hour-   flat rate.
  • A minimum charge of 1 hour.
  • No charge fee in local call out zone**
  • $45 call out fee outside local call out zone
  • Time after 1st hour will be charged pro-rata in 15 min blocks.

Within the first 15 minutes onsite,  the duration of jobs that are longer and more complex than either the client or GMan the PC Man envisaged,  will be re-estimated and a quotation given before the job proceeds any further.  The cost of the  first hour will be included in this quotation,  if the job proceeds further.
At this point it’s a reasonable expectation that your computer will need a short vacation to GMan’ the PC Man’s workshop to be made well again,  which leads us neatly to-

Back to Base Services:

Sometimes your computer will be so unwell that it will need to taken back to the workshop for more comprehensive repairs.

Back to base services are charged out at $90 ex GST per hour-   flat rate.

Any trip back to our workshop includes a complimentary clean of dusty internal fans and other parts,  and a tune up of your system so it runs as fast as possible again.

Remote Services:

For established clients we can offer remote support and charge this service out at the following rate:-

  • $30 ex GST for the first 15 minutes (minimum charge)
  • Time after first 15 minutes will be charged at $90 hourly rate,  pro-rata in 15 minute blocks

No Solution Guarantee –

If a new job has no solution there is a “No Solution, No Charge” policy. This means that if we cannot provide a solution to the problem,  you will not be charged.   Solutions include advice given,  as outlined in the example below.

In some instances, the solution could be that you need to upgrade/replace software or hardware.
If we advise you to do so and you choose not to upgrade/replace as advised , you acknowledge that we have met our commitment to you in providing a solution to your problem, and that normal charges apply.

Payment Options

Direct Deposit onsite, Pay Pal and Credit Card are our preferred payment methods.
Please go to Contact GMan to make payment.

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