Data Backup

Have you got a solid data backup procedure in place???

So often I find clients with no real data backup processes –  this is a recipe for complete IT disaster!

data backup

Once your machine has failed,  or you’ve been infected with that nasty data destroying virus,  it’s just simply too late to start thinking about backup processes.
The horse has bolted,  the party is over.  Kaput!

Don’t put sorting out your backups off –  it needs to be up and working BEFORE something bad happens

Ideally your data should be in 3 places at a minimum-

  • on the PC you use
  • backed up locally to another storage device
  • backed up to a remote location

Then,  if everything goes pear shaped,  including your house burning down,  your data will be safe,  your Pc will be able to be restored,  and life will go on as per normal.

data backup


Data backup-  it’s just soooo  important

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You know you want to!