“I can’t install this software-  I don’t know what to do”


Installing and configuring software can be a confusing,  daunting and seemingly impossible process.  And very stressful!

I hate software!

Here at GMan the PC Man we have comprehensive experience installing and configuring all manner of software,  and we approach the process with a Zen-like calm.

We also have extensive experience with the following-

  • Configuring and installing Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Configuring and installing equivalents like Ubuntu and Open Office
  • Configuring and installing many other common and not so common software packages.
  • Troubleshooting and repairing all of the above
  • Advice on what software to use for your individual needs

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What clients say about GMan the PC Man…

The Mission to Seafarers, a not for profit organisation, was looking for a supplier for some PCs with appropriate software to allow seafarers access to the internet. Graeme at GmanPCMan gave us a great quote and provide excellent advice for our needs. No hesitation in recommending Graeme for your IT needs. 
Bill Reid, Ops Manager Mission to Seafarers Victoria
I had hoped to receive an understanding of my computer issues with clear communication, prompt on-site attendance and a cost-effective solution, without the technical jargon . Graeme delivered on all counts and he was a top bloke to boot. It felt like an old friend was visiting, who happened to know precisely how to fix our computer.
Darren Trott - Parkdale


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